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Valerio Mazzoli was born in the 1950; he graduates at the School of Art at the Sforza Castle in Milano. He begins his career as illustrator and cartoonist with Premium Company. He collaborates with the Italian office of Walt Disney, then, in the 1976 was called by the Walt Disney Company  of Los Angeles. The initial period was in the legendary Disney Studios in Burbank. After about 1 year he moved in WED Enterprises , the sector where the theme parks are developed and created, now  Walt Disney Imagineering; a new experience, he collaborated at projects like Epcot Center - Florida, Disney Tokyo and Disneyland California, Then he decided to come back in Italy and invest  its Disney experience.

Back in Italy, Valerio devotes to the cinema and the advertising  realizing special effects. 

In the 1983 was born an important collaboration with Gardaland, a modest theme park on the shore of Garda Lake, lasted more than 20 years, realizing  all the development of the park and the biggest attractions: The King Valley, the African ride, the Merlin Castle, Fantasy Kingdom, etc. In the late 80s Disney call Mazzoli for Disneyland Paris, given to his company the realization of eleven attractions as Sleeping Beauty Castle, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and more. 

The name of Valerio Mazzoli turns the world, so he signs and realizes big projects.

Mazzoli plans and follows great projects as Fashion District in Valmontone (Roma) , the biggest outlet in Europe, and for the same client  the Molfetta Outlet in Molfetta (Bari). He also was the creative and artistic director of the first theme park in Athens, Greece.

In collaboration with the Academy Award winner Dante Ferretti he worked in Cinecittà World project, and  in many others countries as Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Dubai, and other. 

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