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From the early 80' and up until now, Valerio Mazzoli Studios has been offering its vision and matured experience for the designing, planning, and realization of your expected projects.

VMS pursues your success by designing the  promotional image, producing the events, and creating a cherished mascot.

Characters projects for cartoons, theme parks, books, comics, movies, merchandising, and more. 

NEW our IP BENNY AND HIS FRIENDS mini theme park - This is a concept of a theme park, which could be realized almost everywhere - outdoors and indoors. Benny and his friends are a new line of heroes as the targeted for children between 1/12 years. The characters are made with style, and at moments they remind of the great classic images in the genre  - the heroes and their different personalities have adopted all common stereotypes, which outline the type and the character of the children in modern society. as a transmedia project, we also create a line of children books, with educational  adventures of Benny and his Friends.

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