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For a project it is fundamental create a concept. This is when you start to draw the idea around which the scheme would develop and ultimately the final outlook, in all its facets, would become feasible.

Valerio Mazzoli Studios, reinforced with mature experience nourished and developed at the Walt Disney Company, originates creative concepts that combine fantasy, wonder, and uniqueness with feasibility and budgetary confines. 

The projects entrusted to ValerioMazzoli Studios, vary from partial engagements to the complete design of theme park concepts like  Gardaland, Mirabilandia, Mongibel, Milano Dream, Chudo Grad in Russia, Terra Magica in Rome , Landora Park in Istanbul, Turkey . At Valerio Mazzoli Studios there is always an innovative design solution to your project and your budget.


One of the most important phases of a project is the Master Plan. For this step begin the ideas for a Theme Park, a shopping Center, or an Outlet.

The viability, the distribution of the attractions and shops, and the planning of the routes to favor the flow of the visitors, and very important the logistic and the maintenance area, are all factors which makes this a fundamental "functional project". This is based on years of experience gained in the field and consequently evaluation of the requirements of the public who is ever more demanding and who wants to be able to move around in complete freedom, without restrictions. The first success of a Park is the Master Plan, followed by various steps among with there is the architectonic construction-executive phase  which permit the realization of the project with precise figures and well-defined programs.


Based upon the approval of the Concept and the Master Plan, creating schematic plans, sections, and elevations for all site buildings thematization as well as for area development and associated elements, providing the essential architectural information needed to provide the facility and preliminary site development specifications. This basic design step is the first step toward the completion of the executive project. The architectural drawings are made in the scale needed for the proper completion of the works.

The Architectural Technical Drawings provides the detailed information needed to communicate the designer's  vision to the architects and engineers. Detailed drawings will define the buildings, facades, area development, landscape, fountains and water requirements, signage, lighting, audio, and show control system specification. 


Dark Rides have always trigged amazement, thrill ,and excitement in theme parks. The heart of every successful theme park is great attractions. The Valley of The Kings at Gardaland is one such dark ride that Valerio Mazzoli Studios realized which prompted the start of the park's great success. A ride on the silent and anonymous vehicles magically transmits riders to the mysterious world of Pharos, unraveling their enigma and exalting their life. Over 100  animatronic figures, special effects, laser shows and 3D projections were all intricately  put together to create and unforgettable attraction, a Valley of the King a must-see for all who visit the park. Entering the world of Merlin, his helper, and the wicked wizard Sibelius with laser and light effects, Valerio Mazzoli Studios produced an amazing attraction filled with magic and fantasy.