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Outlets are an increasingly popular item all over the world. This idea which started in quite an anonymous way in the United States, is no longer a simple container for designers's clothes but an actual fashion and design village. The Fashion District Outlet of Valmontone project is the most ambitious and largest  project in Europe. It is located  in a magnificent area, it has marked the end of the normal existing habits, a fashion village which has been planed  around the designers's names, a pleasant creation combined with complete relaxation. A way of finding entertainment whilst shopping. It is all conceived  as the American Art Deco style which is combined so harmoniously with the ancient architecture in Europe inspired however by the America of the early 1900s. 

Molfetta Fashion District Outlet provides all the flavor and atmosphere of the Mediterranean, with its soft contours and maze of arches. Many different architectures can be noticed, Italian, Greek, Spanish etc., with their warm and welcoming colors .  To ensure a serene shopping to visitors, the outlet design was made treating to respect   the climate of  the geographical area in which the center is located.

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